Friday, April 6, 2012

Salem "Destruction till Death" demo

I was very happy when "Ramses" offered me something from my long-time top-priority of ancient black/death metal wantlist: Salem (Isr) "Destruction till Death" demo. Needless to say I was even more happy when I received the package. Besides the aforementioned demo he had also included (without mentioning it in the first place) the whole set as he got it sometimes 1988 or so: Letter from Zeev, Salem biography sheet, 2 live photos, 1 band photo, 7 Destruction till Death era posters. This "Millions Slaughtered" demo and T-shirt on the picture came from another source (shirt from the band though). Yeah, sometimes you just are lucky!


  1. Sometimes you are just lucky, indeed! Killer stuff & merch. Would love to have the shirt, too :)
    Cheers Dennis/CR99

  2. Can you publish a scan of the shirt artwork? I want one but i can't afford buying one.

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