Friday, April 6, 2012

Poison collection

Poison name and music does not need any introduction to any serious black/speed/thrash/glam freak. We speak about German Poison here. On the picture one can see their first 3 demos ( "Sons of Evil" - 1984, "Bestial Death" - 1985 and "Awakening of the Dead" - 1986) and some photos (which were used on "Further down into the abyss" compilation album, just open the gatefold cover and you see them!)... yeah the name Boyzone sounds quite close to Poison too.


  1. Hello Deathster,

    I'd like to ask your opinion about a Poison tape I recently bought on Ebay.It's the Sons Of Evil one,and I know it can be a bootleg (and I'm ok with it,despite I wanted the original fucking one I'll never have.) I bought the tape from a guy named: "deathfiend666" and I saw that some people on NWN forums think he's a bootlegger (including you,but you said that some stuff he's selling may be original)and he's the
    ex bassist of Nunslaughter.I'm kinda confused and I even searched for "technical" info of the "basf 60" tape. At the time I bought the tape,he was selling the Bestial Death and Live Terror.The Bestial Death demo he was selling had a tape kinda similar to yours Awakening Of The Dead tape...Anyway,that's the pic: (scroll down and you'll see the tape) Some time after he was selling the "second version" of Sons of Evil and Awakening of The Dead.

    Thanks for reading,

    Maria. (Not Juozas here,It's his girlfriend,Maria Cretina,who commented on the blog before)

    1. Difficult to say via blurry pictures only, but based on facts I get from you I would say:
      1) I do not follow tape auctions/actions so much for many years by now. But in past I saw him buying lot of stuff: both fakes and originals (its like when you got money it does not matter, you just buy). Maybe it visible from his feedback if he has sold such tapes before?
      2) Some originals I have bought from him are obvious bootlegs!!!! (tape type, paper type etc etc)... I think you could make difference if paper/cover is 30 yrs old or 10 yrs old. To me it seems that there is too much xerox side-effects on cover. Maybe its because bad photo.
      3) There exists 2 versions of the recording. It seems to me that you got 1st version cover (1984). And yes this tape was made in 1985-87 in Europe.
      4) All my Poison tapes have labels on cassette also (either logo or typewriter written)

  2. Hello Deathster
    I am collecting Poison recordings for long time, and I've got all, including some recordings you don't have, such as the Rehearsal 1 and 2 1984 (recorded BEFORE Sons of Evil), and the Final Rehearsal 1987 with no vocals and one unreleased song, however in a recent flood i lost something, and I am desperately trying to find good rips of Bestial Death and Awakening of the Dead demos to replace my lost tapes and cd-r. Is there any way you can help me with them? (tape rips, tape dubs...). I can send you those rehearsals 1984 and the final rehearsal 1987 in trade. My email is: