Monday, April 2, 2012

Morbid "December Moon" demo 1987

I think I am little bit more than average music fan. I like to get albums (CD or LP) if I like something, I am not satisfied with MP3 file or cassette copy of my fave stuff. I want to get more. Yet I am not collector who gets stuff insanely/blindly (lack of interest + lack of money). So, what do we have here: black metal anno 1987, featuring one of the greatest extreme metal vocalists Pelle "Dead" Ohlin, even the cassette and box have special dedications from "Dead". This is the real thing, this is one of the few Morbid demos that exist (have survived) in original form (100% proven!) and was sent out by "Dead" back when this stuff was hot.
Musically everybody, who still reads this blog, knows about it and what it includes.

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