Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More low-fi anti-music... and proud of it

Some pretty cool extreme recordings here. I really like some Bone Awl recordings like "Not for our feet" and "Meaningless leaningmess" albums, for some reason it sounds to me like the first punky rehearsal for Bathory 1984 album. Raspberry Bulbs is continuation of Bone Awl if I have understood correctly. And finally, Rusted Shut has captured on their "Rehab" recording very crude and powerful sound that it is not possible not to dig it. Hell yess!
On the picture: Raspberry Bulbs "Nature tries again" LP, Bone Awl "Meaningless Leaningmess" LP, Bone Awl "Not for our feet" LP, Raspberry Bulbs "Lone Gunman" demo, Raspberry Bulbs "Finally Burst" demo, Rusted Shut "Rehab" CD and Bone Awl " All has red" reh. demo.

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