Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Congrats: 3 most viewed topics in July 2012 were:
- Amon / Deicide
- Sarcofago "INRI"
- Sodom features

Monday, July 30, 2012

Recent score

Yeah...finally. MANTAS demos officially available on LP and CD. The wait is over.

Spinning the "death hazed" vinyl for the first time. Death by fucking metal!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beherit in 1990

Beherit´s best work "Dawn Of Satan`s Millenium" PicEP was recorded in Autumn 1990 and released somewhere in February of 1991. Very fast and furious stuff with very interesting way of "singing", invocating, whispering, backwards messaging etc.
Four masterpieces are included on this small plastic piece:
Intro - Black Mass Prayer
Beast of Damnation
Hail Sathanas
Dawn Of Satan´s Millenium
Bathory live? No, relax. Its just an outtake from video shooting.

Summer of 1991

Summer of 1991. Death Metal was big thing and special magazine issues were published.

But some underground maniacs took change to other direction in Summer anno domini 1991.

Pretty cool looking Black Shepherd replica of the infamous (from 1986) Tee-shirt done few years ago by Belgian maniac. 10 shirts were made and this being the only XXL in the world  :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pretty cool find from an old UK music magazine from June 3, 1983. Satanic Slaughter (aka T.G. Warrior) is searching for pen pals. Maybe its the first ever mentioning of Hellhammer in press? "Death Fiend" and "Triumph of Death" demos were recorded 10 days after this publication.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nasty Savage "Indulgence" album was one of my faves around 1987/88 (after Metallica of corpse). Hmmm, this was based on track called "XXX". This I remember being their hit song.

MullebaraP (Col)

Sickest of the sick, darkest of the dark Colombian madness from 1987. Some people say they make Bathory sound like Spinal Tap. Well, not really but this is essential to check out if you dig f.ex. Bathory, Hellhammer, Sarcofago and so on and on. And who can organize me Necrometal zine #1 (from 1989)? Anyone?
On the picture: "Sacrilegio" EP (1987), "Mutacion Por Radiacion" (1988) and compilation CD with 10 tracks"Tempus Mortis" (2005) (there is even 1 video track (live 1985) also included (can be found from Youtube too)).
Black Metal from USA from 1991/92.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Chaos mag in 1985: What about your fuckin` wimpy hairstyle? Is this the new wave of German metallist`s hair?
Angelripper: Die in Hell! At the moment we made the cover pics for the EP, I was in the German military. You understand! But now my hair grows longer & longer ...

Metal Forces (UK)

Metal Forces magazine was very important for metal maniacs around the world in 80s and beginning of 90s. It was like a door from mainstream heavy/thrash metal to underground black death metal world.
In early 1984 they featured Hellhammer "Triumph of Death" demo review on their pages...

They even got promo package in demo form from Slayer to be reviewed.

And even Norwegian Mayhem sent their "Pure Fucking Armageddon" demo there in 1986... to be crushed.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Compilation tape

I made this compilation tape for myself only...to hear all nice tracks in a row. It was done in 1998/99 so it is before MiniDisc, CDR and MP3 times. I even made cover for it. The last two tracks were later replaced to avoid overdose of underground black death metal.

Black Metal by the gods of rock`n`roll damnation - VENOM

Yeah, imagine November 1982... this is how "Black Metal" album by Venom was released originally back then: embossed writing "Black Metal" w/ black letters, poster and lyric sheet. Let the musical horror begin. Venom were the "shit" in the 80s.

Magazine outtake from exactly 30 years ago: beginning of July 1982. Article explains Venom have released new single "Bloodlust" and is about to record the new album.

Huge Venom feature in UK press that was essential with the release of the new album "Black Metal" in November 1982.

I think picture for "Die Hard" single was also used from this session.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Swiss Black Metal gods around 1989. Probably alive in Poland (Western rock stars).
In 2003 I was asked to fill out some kind of questionnaire. When I look at it today I can only sign it (well, "Ride the Lightning" still tops "Master Of Puppets". Do not know what I thought then).

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:
Since 1985/86 as HM in general was very popular in Estonia. Older friends inspired and I remember when I heard "For whom the bells toll" by Metallica..and since then Im gone.
How and when did you become a collector?
First original cassette (Polish bootleg actually) was Deicide "Deicide" in 1992, first LP was Deicide "Deicide" in 1992 and first CD was Deicide "Amon: Feasting the beast" in 1993. I only collect music I like. If I dont like, I re-sell it. Also older Satanic bands interest me.
Edit 2012: no collector here, more like a fan.
What kind of stuff do you collect?
I prefer 1st editions. LPs and original demos are cool for me. Also older fanzines!!! Hmm...CD is great as well :)
Which styles do you collect?
Basically ancient Black/Death Metal. Especially I like US deathcore from 1985-88, fast thrash mixed with Hardcore influences (Death, Majesty, Dead Conspiracy etc)... also wild Brazilian bands are cool (Genocidio, Sarcofago, Mutilator demo etc)... Why? Just like those.
How big is your collection?
I wait the day I could say I have 1000 titles.
Where do you buy?
From Metal friends.. or at my trips in Germany :) ...internet .... like everyone else! Sometimes I get hit by blind luck :)
Your favourite records (by heart or value):
Damn... very hard to say. Musically as follows:
Slayer "Reign in Blood" LP
Sarcofago "INRI" LP
Morbid Angel "Abominations of Desolation" LP
Obituary "Slowly we Rot" LP
Beherit "Drawing Down the moon" LP
Darkthrone "Under a funeral moon" LP
Death "Infernal Death" demo
Sepultura "Bestial Devastation" EP
Mutilator "Grave Desecration" demo
Metallica "Master of Puppets" LP
Slaughter Lord "Taste of Blood" demo
Edit 2012: "Ride the Lightning" is better than "Master Of Puppets"! Have always been!
Do you trade / buy / sell?
Mostly trade and buy, sometimes sell
Any famous last words?
Remeber its only music we talk about here. Enjoy it, or hate it. Its just a music. (by some one from Sadistik Exekution)

Batlord (Swe)