Saturday, September 29, 2012 heroes from the 80`s. Side A from "Ride the Lightning" is NOT a sign of wimp out. I love all these 4 albums, yeah black one rules too!
Its funny, in the end of 80´s and in 1990 I remember thinking "Metallica guys also listen to thrash and death metal a lot". Big was my surprise when I heard from "Metaliliitto" (Finnish metal show on radio) that Lars Ulrich said they do not listen to new bands at all and if they want something extreme then they just put "Reign in Blood" on. It was very strange to hear this back then. I can not say my world collapsed, but at least I remember this after 22 years.

I think this is the holy grail of metal shirts. I just love the design dating back to early 1984.

Day of Darkness

One of the best live albums ever made featuring Impaled Nazarene and Beherit in "Day of Darkness" festival in Finland August 23rd 1991.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Killer 00`s Death Metal is presented on this "Premature Burial" EP by Repugnant. Four tracks all together (2 studio tracks + 2 live tracks), my fave being title track which is rough mix version of the song that ended up also on debut album "Epitome of Darkness". I think this raw mix is even more killer and would be cool to get it released fully on LP as well .

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The original tour poster. Metallica supporting Venom in Europe. Small damage on Kill´em All part is due to the fact that this poster was torn off the wall somewhere in N├╝rnberg (Germany) back in the day. But it does not matter, got another one in flawless/perfect condition too (with white border).
I do not care if this Mercyful Fate debut EP (1982) front cover has white or black border. Its the back cover which deserves the recognition. And the music of course rules.
3 upside down crosses in the logo is the sign of evil in Sarcofago