Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ears prick up

Here we have Hell (UK) demo tapes (not to be confused with the NWOBHM band with the same name): "Dismember the rotting corpse" Nov ´84, "Necrophagy" Jan´85, "Die a painful death" Feb´85, "Resurrection of Evil" June´85 etc etc - all in all 8 demos w/ 32 tracks. Bands like Hellhammer, Sodom, Death, Bathory, Possessed and Blood-Death were too wimpy to the sound desired by HELL. This was the sound of the sound of Un-Death... Alright, nuff said. Real warped stuff here. Total ear prick up.

Some more ear prick up recordings, this time from Western-Germany: namely S.A.D.I.S.T. with their 1985 and 1986 demo + Agressor with 1985 demo. I think it was recordings like that that gave Death Metal bad name back then :) But we should not take everything so seriously, and I am sure these bands were not 100% serious either about their deathnoise. Remember it was the time when "everyone" tried to out-do others concerning musical madness and extremity.
And Antichrist (UK) made it even onto the vinyl.
Does anyone remember Death Bathory Inc. from around 1988?


  1. Hey, could you rip and upload Hell please? :D

    1. Sure, I need to rip this from cassette but at this very moment I can not do this. So it takes time. There are other things too that need to be digitalized.

  2. I'd also really like to hear this Hell, 80s deathcore fascinates me.