Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Suicidal Tendencies was hot stuff in my head 23 years ago. I did not know how they looked or what they sang about, I loved their music and singer`s voice. Still very good listening, earlier albums I like too of course.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Outrage (Ger) ca 1985/86
Black metal is the game I play
'cause no one show me the right way
I am a bloody Antichrist, only believe in bad
Spit at the church, Evil I get

Blasphemer. . . .

Rites of death, Return to Hell
I am Satan's child, attack you with Spell

I turn the cross upside down
and read Satanic Bible with fucking grown
my life begins at midnight twelve
masturbate to kill myself

Blasphemer. . . .

I love to drink my own blood
my sin is my life in a war with god
I talk to the demons night tonight
make love and black masses in a dark shadow light

Blasphemer. . . .

Sodom `85

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Did you know that Bathory rehearsed for the first time in 16th of March 1983? (Brain Damage #2)

Outtake from the very first Bathory photo session.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

What a killer recording. My fave off this disc would be "Restoration of the Infernal Kingdom" track... Genocidio-like cannibalistic deathnoise. I love stuff like that.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blasphemous magazine issue II from 1992 and one of its editors Stephan.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Infestation Of Death

That legendary act Massacre from Florida. "From Beyond" could have been easily released in 1986 if record companies would have been more interested in death metal sounds. I mean the band was ready. Just listen to their 1985/86 recordings... especially this "Corpseginder" bootleg live LP (live set from 20.12.1986) is pleasure to listen to ("Corpsegrinder" that ancient DEATH track from 1984!). 1985 3 track demo too.

Side note: Watching from distance it seems to me that guitarist Allen West had very good influence on different bands in mid 80s. In 1985 he was in Massacre and listen to their disgustingly HEAVY sound (HH/Frostish) on 1985 demo. Allen is/was not present on 1986 demo any more and this demo sounds different (crystal sharp instead that old heaviness). Instead Allen went to Executioner / Xecutioner in 1986 and listen to Xecutioner recordings from 1986! Again this HEAVY HH/Frostish sound. In 1985 (before Allen joined in) Executioner was more thrash band than death band). And Allen was also on Xecutioner debut album recording made in 1988, which was released in 1989 under Obituary "Slowly We Rot" name. Again, Allen was not on "Cause Of Death" and this album was let down ( 3 good tracks (including cover song) and others were fillers to my ears). so, in my eyes and ears Allen was that evil mastermind in ancient Massacre and Xecutioner times. Both acts had killer vocalists too of course!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

They play rock there on the radio show. Recorded in August 2011.

Zipped file download.

Bands in alphabetical order:
Necros Christos
Slaughter Lord
Wind Of Mayhem

Friday, August 23, 2013

When the sacred oath is broken
and the lie is spoken out loud
when the angel is POSSESSED
and the virgin is stolen her pride

When the flame of love and pureness
have turned to BESTIAL LUST
when the walls of gold in heaven
close in and turn to dust

When THE WIND OF MAYHEM whispers
through the vale of tears and death
when the golden river is empty
and the SADIST tear the angels' flesh

When the SON OF THE DAMNED strides the earth
when the REVELATION OF DOOM comes closer
and the battle just begun

When the beauty is BORN FOR BURNING
and the TOTAL DESTRUCTION draws near
when the disciples under the sign of the black mark gathers
and the REAP OF EVIL is here

Then the clouds of death shall gather
then the night shall always burn
then the ancient prediction comes true
and the bells of fate chime

Bathory `85

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What`s that noise?

Check, one, two... , what's that noise?
Check, CHECK... , what's is that noise??
HEY ALEX, what's that noise???
C'mon guys, seriously, WHAT'S THAT FUCKIN NOISE??
That noise..

Deathrash Mayhem

Top picks of the fast and the furious (deathrash = speed, aggression and energy):

Sadus (Kill Team) "Illusions"
Demolition Hammer "Tortured Existence"
Exhorder "Slaughter in the Vatican" (listening at this very moment)
Merciless "The Awakening" + demos
Massacra "Final Holocaust" & "Enjoy the Violence"
Kreator "Pleasure to Kill" + "After the Attack" track
Slaughter Lord  "Taste of Blood"
Malfeitor "Diabolical Youth"
MX "Simoniacal"
Exumer "Possessed By Fire"
Slayer "Reign in Blood" (the corner stone for all these recordings?)

Edit: How about "Darkness Descends"? How come it`s been forgotten? Dementia?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello, my name is Killjoy.... (letter from the true NECROPHAGIA from 1986 (their best time))

One of our fave stuff... Sodom terrorizing Western-Germany (and soon the rest of the world) in 1983.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Some cut-out pictures from magazines. Who cared to preserve them over 20 years ago? Cool pictures from cool bands were cut out immediately.

NB! Anvil picture is my first ever cut-out picture from 1987 or so. It was quite expensive to afford such small picture back then. Kind of black market stuff that was not available publicly. Yeah, very important information for you to read, ha ha.

Effigy of the Forgotten

Holy hell I love "Effigy of the Forgotten" album by Suffocation. Brutal Death Metal (although I am not so fond of this word combination) from New York from 1991. This was so new and un-heard when it was originally released (at least for me). I think they brought something new to Death Metal back then and many new bands started to copy them. But we can not blame Suffocation for influencing so many new bands (same case with Venom, Bathory, Kreator, Slayer and their countless copycats, so many boring imitators). Corpse Molestation / Bestial Warlust have used this Suffocation influence interesting way I think. Anyway, late Summer / Autumn 1991 brought also other good albums from New York: "Dawn Of Possession" and "Butchered At Birth" (just put this song "Innards Decay" at max volume on your headphones and say it is not good stuff, I can not believe you then!). This is/was the peak for so called Brutal Death Metal.

"How can you cry when someone dies? The Lord will greet him."
Suffocation `91

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Evil Blood (pre- Lord Of Darkness)

Another killer long awaited stuff from  ex-Yugoslavia, precisely from Croatia. Evil Blood and their occult recordings "Midnight in a Sodom" (1983) and "Seventh Sabbath" (1985). People into easy listening a la Venom, Slayer, Hellhammer etc. should check this platter out. What will be next oldie-but-goldie release from this area? Lord of Darkness (1990)? Satanic Legion Of Death (1986)? Russian Winter (1985/86)?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One of the very first articles about the band featuring new members. It was published in 2nd half of 1988.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tormentor (Hun)

Yesterday was Record Store Day and what it brought me then? Long awaited Tormentor demos pressed into vinyl. Musically maniacs know what it has to offer: Bathory influenced Black Speed Metal from 1987 and 1988. The extra booklets with rare killer photos and stories  plus overall quality of the release leaves me speechless. Top notch job!
On the picture: Tormentor "Anno Domini" LP + poster + flyer (1996), "Anno domini" LP + poster (2013), "The 7th Day of Doom" LP + poster (2013), letter from Vamosi Tamas (mid 90`s), tape trade Tormentor recordings (2 demos + 2 live recordings :"Live 1.4.1987 Budapest" and "Budapest 666 Festival 7.12.1986"). It could be that there is mistake with the dates because the handwriting of the guy who taped me those 18 years ago is just killing me!!!!)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Godly black death fanzine

Wow...what a killer printed fanzine from the end of 80`s... late 1988 to be exact: Necrosemen #0. What a maniac black death lunatic the editor must have been. Interviews and articles made in 1987/88. Check the line-up. Interviews & photos with bands like Morbid Angel, Sarcofago, Pentagram (Chi), Necrovore, Xecutioner, Amon (Florida), Necrofago, Grotesque, Insulter, Mayhem (with the new sick vocalist "Dead"), Black Prophecies, Reencarnacion, Slaughter Lord, Deathchamber, Parabellum (Col), Genocidio, Incubus (Florida), Treblinka (Swe), Darkness (L.A.), Majesty, Acheron, Dr. Shrinker, Samael, Evoked Doom, Damnation (Can), Grotesque, Azagthoth (UK), Deathfuck (Nor), Necrophagia (Ohio), Devastation (Illinoise), Sathanas, Ritual (Bra), Doom Snake Cult, Outrage (Ger), Tormentor (Hun), Salem (Isr), R.A.V.A.G.E. and Goatlord.
Articles with logos and pictures from bands like Bestial War, Wind Of Mayhem, Nomenclature Diablerie, Necrodeath, Morbid, Mortuary Drape, Sodom, Malfeitor, Dead Conspiracy, Occult (USA), Decapitation (USA), Mutilator (Bra), Imperator (Pol), Sabbat (Japan), Beleth, Deathpeed, Unholy Sickness, Black Shepherd, Root,  Sacrifice (Japan), Astaroth (Col), Blasfemia, Profanacion (Col), Masters Hammer, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Mortuary (USA), Death SS, Sadistik Exekution and Mefisto. Plus: Quorthon / Venom 1982 and Wham /Bros poster. I am speechless. This is where Slayer mag must have gotten their inspiration from.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Obituary does not have many "cool" promotional photos. But this is one of the few.

Friday, March 29, 2013

What name comes first to your mind if I say (East-European or) Czech Black/Death Metal? Törr? Root? Tudor? Well, then I would say you are "newbie" and probably discovered Black/Death Metal scene in very late 90`s or early 00`s. But if it is MASTER`S HAMMER name that you spit out immediately (without hesitating a second) from your mouth then you are probably an oldie from early 90`s. Which case is better? If I only knew it myself. Anyway, yeah.... godly Masters Hammer who ruled (and still does) with their demos and 1st 2 studio albums.
Yeah.... original CD version of  "Ritual" album has even 2 bonus tracks. One of the few cases where CD is even more interesting than LP.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

-------------------------------------------Bokkerijder anno 1992------------------------------------------

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Now take a look to the one of the most cool death / thrash / extreme metal band picture (taken in 1984). Pure filth and rawness, just like their music during "Death By Metal", "Reign of Terror" and "Infernal Death" times.

Friday, March 15, 2013

We worship our abomination of desolation, With fire, blood, swords and reverence...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Standing ovations... BRAVO!

Does anyone remember teeny-magazine BRAVO. What? You never read it? See, besides Bros, Roxette, Milli Vanilli, Sandra etc they had also heavy corner there.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

7" attack Vol V

On the picture: Tudor "Spalovna" EP (1991), Abhorer "Upheaval of Blasphemy" EP (1994), Asphyx "Mutilating Process" EP (1990), Impiety "Salve the Goat: Iblis Exelsi" EP (1994), Samhain "The Courier" EP (1995) (demo 1985) and finally the best for the last: Slaughter Lord (side of the split w/ Morbid Angel) EP (?) (2 trx from 1987 demo).

Saturday, February 16, 2013

An early shot of Mr. Angelripper. Do not know exact date of the event except this photo is developed in May 1985 in "Guten Morgen Farbbilder".

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Surrender or Die!

"Surrender or Die" demo 1985 by Canadian Slaughter must have been one of the most important and widespread demos among the thrashers during the 80s and early 90s besides Master/Deathstrike, Hellhammer and Mantas / Death demos. No wonder, very catchy stuff here... and what a cool "mascot" they had  (punk haired skeletor with a chainsaw).