Saturday, April 14, 2012

I did not dare to post yesterday - Friday the 13th. Anyway, some heavy metal art from school days here. This one was done Spring 1992, at that time I had not heard Mayhem music yet nor seen any pictures of the band (hey, when Mayhem gave first interviews in 1986 they did not have any own music recorded either!). It was around the time when I read about Mayhem from C.O.T.I.M. fanzine that their singer "Dead" had commited suicide. I mean it was quite shocking. So far I knew only two other Metal related deaths (Cliff Burton of Metallica (bus accident) and Roger Patterson of Atheist (car accident)). But I loved this winged logo and satanic symbols. Up to today I think that this Mayhem logo is brilliant (other pretender to the throne is Morbid Angel logo). So this unknown guy Nella must have had good imagination when he drew this Mayhem logo in 1986!

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