Monday, April 2, 2012

Ghostrider / Necrodeath

I remember in mid 80s my parents had some Italian music at home: Albano and Romina Power LP and it was highly appreciated back then. Eventually Italo disco was genre of its own, full of melodies and nice harmonies. Well, lets turn 180 degrees from there and we get early Ghostrider and Necrodeath recordings: filthy and primitive stuff, especially this Ghostrider. But appealing at the same time. Necrodeath was also way ahead of their time. And look at their photos, what a freax they must have been :) (joke). Ripping stuff. I recommend to check those deatheads out if you like stuff like Hellhammer demos, old Bathory, Necrophagia demos and 1984/85 Euro black metal!

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