Friday, August 31, 2012

Very Heavy label

From KickAss monthly XXV (May 1984)

The stench of burning death... Repulsion

F**k, I hope I do not repeat myself too often. What a monster of a recording this Repulsion "Horrified" album is. Originally released as "Slaughter of the Innocent" demo in 1986 and later in 1989 on LP as "Horrified" (on Carcass dude`s label). VERY violent stuff here with strong Master/Deathstrike vibes but even more extreme! I just love when one song ends and then --- PAM! punch in to your face... and wall of noise falls on you again! The best sample songs off the disc would be "Decomposed", "Festering Boils" (it haunts me!) and "Pestilent Decay".... öööaaaaahhhhh!  Criminally under-rated stuff. And how many bands got influences out of  Repulsion song titles?
And there are even rare Genocide (pre-Repulsion) tracks included (from 1984-86) on this double CD re-issue.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Infernäl Mäjesty

Aaargggghhhh... bow down to knees... black death metal masterpiece from 1987... "None Shall Defy". Pretty ahead of its time I would say. Timeless stuff.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Day of Wrath

Another Venom worshipping release from 1985 - this time Bulldozer from Italy and their highly ranked debut album "The Day of Wrath". The rumour says that priest was called to the studio (after band had finished the recordings) to re-bless it. I think its true.
 I have had 2 copies of this album and always as 2nd hand version, therefore my question: did it came with lyricsheet and insert originally? I never saw insert with this LP although other Roadrunner releases had inserts usually.

Monday, August 27, 2012

S.F.G. recording 1985 (deathcore a la Necrophagia)

The original concept of this blog was/is not to add direct links or download hints to music (interested parties will find a way to music anyway!) but I have to make an exception this time. Be forewarned: here comes S.F.G.! I have to admit I am not sure if this shortening means Satan Fights God or Street Fighting Gang, but I do know that they recorded their Venom influenced deathnoise during year 1985. Ok, they were maybe 2 years behind from like-minded fellows from other side of Iron Curtain (Hellhammer, Sodom etc), but considering all the circumstances (hint: Estonia in 1985) they still deserve all the recognition. Lets open the casket now!
This is "Evil Dead" put to music! The track is called "Let the dead bury the dead". N-JOY! This track grows with every listening.
The other tracks recorded in the same session were: "Guillotine", "Executioner´s Son", "Manala" (similar place to Hades in Greek mythology), "For Whom the Bell Tolls", "Angel of Vengeance", "Metalmania" and "Rise Flame".

Link to S.F.G.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Essential Sodom feature

Grave Violator warming up for the first live in late September 1984.
I thought that I have mapped almost all ancient satanic black / death metal bands (well... interesting ones at least) that existed between years 1983-1990. Very big was my surprise when this Bestial Death (Isr) "Suicide of the Immortal" demo 1986 popped out (as official re-issue) couple of years ago out of nowhere. I had not seen any mentioning of them anywhere (zines, tradelists, wish lists, hate lists etc). Good surprise! So this material should appeal to everyone into old Bathory, old Sepultura and so on. Really good stuff here.

Doctor Shrinker

It was somewhere in mid 90s when I got a compilation CD "History of things to come" featuring cuts from underground bands. My fave stuff from this compilation was Iron Warrior, Matricide and track "Germ Farm" by band called Dr.Shrinker. Holy hell! Nasty deathrash with a difference. On the picture: official compilation of studio demos on CD "Grotesque Wedlock": "Recognition" demo 1988, "Wedding the Grotesque" demo 1989 and "The Eponym" 1990. On the right bootleg (ebay) cassette "Live Demo 1989 P/C".

Goatlord (of Hades)

Goatlord biography sheet from 1987/88 period.
Goatlord demos on LP.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Listening to Bathory "Jubileum Vol. II" CD via headphones at the moment. Damn this Bathory stuff rules... one classic song after another: "The Return of the Darkness and Evil" (1984 version (which rules over 1985 version)), "Burnin´Leather", "The Golden Walls Of Heaven", "Call From the Grave", "Possessed", "Raise the Dead" and "Total Destruction" being my faves.

Silent watching gaze
Across the blackened plains
Two eyes like burning embers
Awaits the moment for the
North star to blaze

Sythanagon winged
Angel rides deaths wind
To cloudless sky
And sound a summon call of war
Now burn does the skyline

Soundless wings lacerate the night
Angels of death emerge across the sky
Thorned heads spiky limbs climb the air up high
Attack of the pearly gates
Now wait for the sign

Seen now is His star
Ablaze now risen in
The sign of the one with
A number not a name
Now given is the sign

The Golden walls of heaven

Sound is given now of charge
A voice of war does cry
The cry does sound the signal
And the walls are stormed
Now fly

Swords are drawn in soundless flight
Above the walls of gold
The winged angels of death descend
A thousand from above
Now heaven is in its' last throes of death

Sacred shrine of life and death
Apharamons gold key
The raping of holy interior
And all concealed
Now masturbated upon is throne of gold

Scattered battered wings
Along the palaces and streets
Trophy of the victory
Attached to spear of the Beast
Now spitted at is the scalp of God.


Surnukuuri drapeering

What a sick name - Mortuary Drape. And what a demented pictures these maniacs had in the early days. When asked what band is the most morbid/obscure in this world and what bands they would like to play with, they answered (in 1987/88):
"Except Mortuary Drape, the most morbid/obscure act in this world are two: BATHORY #1 in the universe, and the Italians (now dead since ´84) DEATH SS. We´d like very much playing with Quorthon, or at least with SODOM."

Monday, August 13, 2012

Doomed To Hell

The very first Venom bootleg LP ever, dating back to as far as 1984.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Equinox ov the Gods

Very cool stuff from Swedish doom merchants: Equinox ov the Gods demo "This Sombre Dreamland" (1994) is not musically extreme like most of the stuff here, but cool neverthless. Its more like doomy metal with rather clean vocals and topics are dark. I remember the mainman Frederik taped me some stuff from 1991 and 1992 too but I cant find it at the moment (there was hit song "Angel Of Death" included).
Demo 1994 tracks:
- Intro: The Beast
- The Golem
- Deathwish
- Into the Slumber
- The Lord Of the Crossroads
- Dance of the Dead
- Sombre Angel
- The Obituary

Their debut CD from 1996 was dissapointing though.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"There is nothing wrong with the new Morbid Angel ("Blessed Are the Sick" LP ), except now (1991) everybody is listening to them."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I could not believe my eyes when I got this catalogue in Summer 1995. It was packed full with very interesting items: old stuff like Exodus, Bulldozer, lot of Death SS releases, Misfits stuff, Brazilian albums etc. I had never seen any catalogue like that and even did not know that such dealers exist where you can buy long gone items. I did not know that such business was happening. I got so excited that I wrote them back asking why they ask so much for Samael "Medieval Prophecy" EP (75 DEM it was) and also asked if they can tape me some of their stuff  because I could not buy so much albums once ha ha. You know it was all about the music, not the format. For some reason they turned down my offer.