Friday, April 6, 2012

Heavy Metal literature

Some random fanzines from past. "Guillotine" was deathrag from Florida (around 1984/85) and they were the first to feature such newcomer act like Mantas or later Death. It was "Guillotine" who printed early articles, reviews and pictures of Mantas/Death first. "Brain Damage" featured also new hot acts like Tormentor (pre-Kreator), Sodom, Mantas, Antichrist (UK), Possessed, Bathory, Death etc etc and it was "Brain Damage" from where I read that Metallica´s "Ride the Lightning" was wimp-out sign from Metallica. I just could not believe my eyes when I read it first (it was around 2000 I think). "Slayer" 3/4 featured first in-depth feature of the true Mayhem (although without any recorded music stuff during that time). "Bathory" from Sweden has artwork done by Mefisto guy. "Cascade" zine was run by Grotesque guys.

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