Friday, June 12, 2015

Does anyone remember this? Mexico and June 1986. Zico, Socrates, Schumacher, Lineker, Maradona and more. I remember when I got this sticker from my dad. Actually here should now be also P.A.C.T.U.M. picture too. Maybe some other time.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bulldozer demo 1984 should appeal to anyone into old early Venom and Bathory. Yes, it reminds a lot of  Bathory tracks from "Scandinavian Metal Attack I" compilation album, only the vocals are not so harsh and distorted like in Bathory case. In my opinion this demo kills all Bulldozer official albums and even that 1st EP.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

It seems that Morbid Angel practiced two Incubus songs in Summer 1986: "Reanimators Mutilator" and "God Died On His Knees" (here described as "I Deny the Blood of Jesus "). One of the earliest interview or mentioning of the band called Morbid Angel.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jep, kyllä ne Mayhem, Beherit, Masters Hammer ja Samael kuvat kiinnostais vieläkin. Pitäiskö seuraavaksi hankkia kirja?

No, its not my trade list. I just wonder what are those Mayhem tracks from Dead period.
(those mysterious columns are: number of tracks, length of recording and finally quality of the recording (10 for LP/CD)).

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Father to son, father to son
Father to son, from father to son

Now born, my son, I name thee
After the sound of my hammer's
Beat upon the anvil
On this chilly springtime day

The hammer child of my flesh
Of my blood to carry on
When I have reached Oden's end
Of my glorious warrior's trail

From father to son
From father to son

Call upon the spirits of our fathers
Long time gone with thunder
Ask them for truth and courage
When trouble's in your way

Learn to read and understand
The signs to few can clearly vision
Listen carefully to what
The ravens has to say

Oh, the thunder's roar
Greetings from our fathers long time gone
Tell so that no one ever will forget
What's in heart goes from father to son

From father to son
From father to son

Oh, watch the lightning strike
Feel the powers of the hammer's pounding on
Take it to your heart and understand
What must live on from father to son

From father to son
From father to

Promise me, my son, to always
Cherish what is home to you
You will live in truth and to
Defend all of your race

Never lose the values
I have taught to you
Always keep your moral and ideals
Do never bring your flag disgrace

From father to son
From father to son

Promise me, my son
Before my corpse is turning pale
To grab my sword, hold it to the sky
And call out my hail

Listen for the sound of bronze horns
Watch the lightning strike then
You know I have reached Oden's end
Of my warrior's trail

Oh, my child, please take heed
Through you I am granted to live on
These words more worth than you'll ever know
Make them live on from father to son

From father to son
From father to son

From father to son
From father to son