Thursday, April 12, 2012

7" attack vol I

I find 7" format very cool. I know some people who collect vinyl but dislike 7" singles (collecting for collecting sake sucks also by the way). Hey, whats wrong with the singles? Usually its 2 or 3 tracks there and it will get not boring (even with un-interesting bands) (Am I trying to say that even not so interesting bands are better when pressed on  7" vinyl?). Very often longplayers tend to be boring after some time (maybe 2-3 good tracks and then rest are fillers). So why not just releasing 2-3 good songs on one EP? Plus in the past it was first steps for new and upcoming band to spread the message (besides demos). And 7" vinyl looks more cool than just tape. On the picture: Astaroth (Col) "Guerra de Metal" (1987), Reencarnacion (Col) "Acompaname a la tumba" (1988), Nemesis (Col) "Hombre: Oveja Negra del Universo" (1988), Infernal (Bra) "Of Weakness and Covardice..." (1991), Sextrash (Bra) "XXX" (1989) and Pentagram (Chi) "Fatal Predictions" (1987).

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