Monday, January 22, 2018

Oberon (Bulgaria) 1991/93 recordings on vinyl. Yes, they really remind those Colombian bands from 1987/89 period. Plus some early Goatlord. Great stuff and very good surprise.

Imperator (Poland) "Eternal Might" demo LP. Very fast and violent stuff. F***ing ace! Somehow Slaughter Lord and early Sadistik Exekution come to mind when listening this. Legendary stuff!

Palat (Estonia) 1990/92 recordings on vinyl. Estonias first thrash band? Could be. Not so harsh and violent, more into catchy side of thrash metal. Cool stuff! I wonder how recordings from 1985/86 period sounded? Drummer wears "Pleasure to Kill" shirt which is not a bad sign either.

Abhorer (Singapur) 1989/91 demos on vinyl. Aarrgghhhh! Total deathnoise ala Genocidio in 1988. Very brutal and good stuff again! Brilliant. "Rumpus..." hehehe.