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Evoked Doom interview

EVOKED DOOM interview with Sherron done by me in February 2007
Evoked Doom interview done by me in February 20
1. When and why had Evoked Doom originally started?  What were your influences and faves at that period of time? What inspired you to start with Evoked Doom?
As far as I remember, we were all Metal Kids in our school and we always wanted to start a Band. That was around 84 or 85. The Mantas Demo was certainly a big influence. I remember, we named our first "Band" PAIN, and I was drawing a Logo on my schooltable which looked like the DEATH logo back then (with the Spider and 666). Noone could really play an instrument and we were just making noise without any sense. I haven't heard that ED rehearsal tape, but I guess that must be something from that period. Later on we changed the name into Evoked Doom. Can't remember who came up with that name. I was listening to a lot of Metal with Satanic lyrics back then. There was no term like Black Metal and the Bands sounded way different than these days. Mainly we were into Hellhammer, Death/Mantas, Venom, Bathory, Mayhem NYC (before they turned into a Straight Edge Hardcoreband), Mercyful Fate. Everyone back then made some noise and we had all those sort of "Bands" like H'ELHAMER, SWÄLLÖH & SDÖF, COMMANDO, EGGCUTTER ... whatever ... sitting at home and use the taperecorder for our weird noise. Hammering on Boxes and shredding guitars.

2. Is the band name influenced by Hellhammer song “Evoked Damnation”? Were you Necromantic Union member (Hellhammer fanclub)?
No, we weren't in that Hellhammer fanclub. But we were all obsessed with Hellhammer back then. Like I said, I can't remember who came up with the name and where it came from. Could be, that we took it from that Hellhammer song.

3. Did you have many contacts in underground back in 80s? I have seen you featured in magazines like Decibel Of Death and Blackthorn etc. Did you send demos out to many magazines? How was the feedback back then? Mostly positive or negative? For example Metal Forces magazine used Evoked Doom name as “bad example” in Death interview in 1987. Did you get letters from Eastern block countries?
Oh yeah, I had massive contacts all over the world in the early and mid 80's. I remember writing letters since 82 or 83. I ordered Demos from everywhere. People like Rock'n'Rolf (RUNNING WILD), Gerre (TANKARD), Tommy (ex-DESTRUCTION) sent me their demos before they ever released anything on Vinyl. I was in touch with Killjoy (NECROPHAGIA) or Euronymous (MAYHEM Norway) ... back then the Scene wasn't that big, and everyone knew each other.
I sent out some copies of our Demo just for the fun of it. Looking back it's ridiculous, but at that time we were kind of serious with it. And certainly we mostly got really bad reviews in the zines, but some people also digged it – God, or better Satan, knows why haha ...
Yeah, I found that Metal Forces Interview with Death allready on the Internet. It's somehow funny ... I totaly
understand it ...
I'm not sure if we got letters from the Eastern Block. In the early 80's it was kind of hard to get in touch with Eastern States.

4. Can you name Evoked Doom discography? (demos, rehearsals)
Like I said, I haven't heard that rehearsal some people talk about. We never practised with Evoked Doom and we only recorded one Demo tape with those 2 Songs and 3 intros. Actually, that was done in one evening.

5. Your 1986 demo is the most well-known for underground thrashers. What was the response at that time? Frank Krynojewski from Warhammer drew logo and demo cover is the fact that not many know.
It's funny, I saw those Warhammer CDs and read the name Frank Krynojewski ... that was a total Flashback, as I certainly remember him doing the Artwork for our Demo. I wasn't in touch with him back then. Zombie did write with him. Now I am in a loose contact with Frank. Unfortunatly Warhammer split up a few years ago. They did reform last year, but without Frank. I saw them on a Festival in November, and I totaly enjoyed it. I wished Frank would still be a part of it, but things change I guess. I meet Frank once in a year at the Rock Hard Festival. He works now for a Merchandising Company and is still a total Hellhammer Freak! And still looks like Martin Ain haha ...
anyway, back to the Demo ... the response in the Mags were horrible (for a good reason) but I got in touch with many thrashers around the world who really liked it.

6. Did you send your demo to any labels? Did you dream about record deal at all?
No, I never thought about a record deal. Even we were kinda serious with it, we knew that it's too bad to get it to a wider audience. But that was okay ... we had our fun and we met new people. This is still the main reason I make music these days. I love meeting new people!

7. Did you play live?
No, we never practised and we never played live ... it's like Bathory haha ... but at least we are all still alive!

8. Did you give many interviews to magazines? Do you remember in which magazines you were featured? Did you have somekinda “newsletter” promoting the band?
Actually I would have say no to the newsletter, but you sent me a scan of it, so it must be true haha ... I really can't remember about this. I think we gave 1 – 2 interviews. One was for a zine in Belgium ... hm, can't remember the name at the moment. I have to check my old zine box ...
(It was Deadly Fucking Thrash Panzer fanzine - ed)

9. I have seen 3 different Evoked Doom logos. Please comment it :)
I know about 2 Logos. The Demo Logo was drawn by Frank. Before that we had a different one which was made by myself. There is also a design with a skull, cross and pentagram ... that was made by myself too. To tell the truth, the Skull was "stolen" from an Italian Metal Band called ASTAROTH and I was adding the little spikes as I was allready into Hardcore like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (remember their skull?).

10. What was the situation with band members? I mean two original members were called Sherron and Zombie. The other musicians changed quite often. I read somewhere that at certain point of time you had even 7 members in the band? Do you know what other band members are doing nowadays?
The main Evoked Doom members were Zombie and myself. Okay, so here I open the Top Secret of those days haha ... the guitarists on the Demo are my brother and a friend from
back then. My brother played in a Metal Band called AGENT ORANGE (not to be confused with the Skate Punk Band from US). These days he has his Judas Priest Tribute Band called JUST PRIEST. He is still very active. Don't know what the other guitarist is doing these days. He was working at a Music Shop. And the drummer was – like everyone should hear – a Drumcomputer. The other members are somehow gone and I don't know where ... one Member Arre has his own Band called ARE and is playing Biker Rock. But I can't remember, if he was in E.D. or only in PAIN. Zombie doesn't do anything as far as I know. I haven't seen him for the last 20 years. I heard he was practising with
some friends lately.
And for myself ... after E.D. layed to rest, I took some other friends back then and formed a noisey Hardcore Band called FURIOUS RANKNESS. I started to play drums, and after we saw NAPALM DEATH in 1987, we tried to get that fast too ... unfortunatly I'm really bad in playing fast haha ... but we recorded a Demo and we even played a couple of Shows around 1988 ... we split up 1989 and the guitarist and myself formed DECONTROL who turned into CLUSTER BOMB UNIT a few months later. I still play in CBU and we are doing pretty good these days. Had releases and tours all over the world ...

11. What was your relation with the Deathfuck people? You were from the same town? Is there Evoked Doom band picture on backcover of Deathfuck magazine?
They were from Reutlingen, which is about 30 minutes from where we lived. We were hanging out quite often with them. Stefan Straush was a really good drawing artist and he made all the layouts for the Deathfuck zine. The picture on the Backcover isn't Evoked Doom, that's POISON from Ulm. Another legendary Noiseband from that time. We met them a couple of times on Shows and we stayed in touch. But haven't heard from them since the mid 80's.

12. Was the South-West part of Germany some kind of death metal centre in Germany back in 1985/86?
 I think there were some crazy metalheads in Reutlingen, Burladingen, Pforzheim area. Many deathmags and extreme bands came from this part of Germany (Devils Poison, Deathfuck, Evoked Doom, Outrage etc).
I think the Ruhrpott area was quite bigger at that time, but comparing to the size of cities like Dortmund or Essen, we were also very big here, as we all lived in tiny villages on the country side. The next big city is Stuttgart and that's an hour from here. So we were all good organized and met each other on shows. I'm still sometimes in touch with Chris Münch of Devils Poison. I meet him from time to time on Metal Shows in our area. It's good to see some of the old school people are still around and are still the same like 25 years ago haha ...

13. What did you think of extreme Metal in the late 80s? How did you see the death metal trend in the beginning of 90s and black metal revival few years later?
If it comes to extreme Metal or even Black Metal, I pretty much only dig the early Bands. I don't like what Death did after their demos, and I don't like all those 90's Black Metal Bands. There are a few "new ones" which I like to hear, but that's very rare. One of the outstanding Black Metal Bands for me these days are NAGLFAR. Or I'm also into Viking stuff like AMON AMARTH – they are good friends and a nice bunch of folks! Death Metal generally became too technical and I like the early Florida style like OBITUARY, MORBID ANGEL or MASSACRE. I don't really dig all those Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal Bands. I still like basic Black or Death Metal.

14. I think many death-heads turned into hardcore in years 1987-88. At least I have got such impression. Why Evoked Doom disbanded all of sudden?
Yep, that's totaly true. Pretty much everyone I know from back then got into Hardcore. To tell the truth I was allready into Punk / Hardcore when we recorded the E.D. Demo. The first track on the Demo was misspelled and should be called "Suicidal Tendencies" ... in the Tapetrading Days I got loads of good Hardcore stuff like Siege, Heresy, Extreme Noise Terror, Inferno, Outo and certainly Suicidal Tendencies. Metal became too lame and wasn't extreme enough anymore. Even stuff like Slayer, Exodus, Hirax, Tormentor, Possessed, Living Death etc. wasn't enough to fullfill our needs for extreme music. In 1987 Napalm Death did their first Tour in Germany. The audience were mainly Metal Heads, and we ALL got blown away about their speed and madness they brought on stage. This was the turning point for pretty much everyone I know who got from Metal into Hardcore.
I think E.D. disbanded, because we got out of school and lost the contact to each other. I was getting too much into the Punk / Hardcore thing and wanted to make a new Band with real musicians.
And the last words:

that H'EL'HAM'ER project was me and Chris Roth ... I can't even remember the year haha ...

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Altars Of Madness

Death Metal classic from 1989. Unfortuantely vinyl version of the album is missing great ancient track "Lord Of All Fevers And Plagues". Back then CDs were pushed by labels and had bonus tracks which were not included on vinyl versions.
On this old PicLP there are some xtra messages etched onto the vinyl:"Fast enough Borivoj? Watch out for Terrorizer". First being known scene specialist since the early days and latter probably pre-warning to Terrorizer "World Downfall" album.
But if I had to pick up four fave tracks then it would be these: Visions From the Darkside, Maze of Torment, Chapel of Ghouls and Evil Spells.

Monday, June 25, 2012


The best Sepultura is on demo 1985 and "Bestial Devastation" (1985) recording. Period.
Sepultura / Overdose Split LP (1985) and "Bestial Devastation" re-issue (1990) on Cogumelo records.
Sepultura anno 1985
"Morbid Visions" LP (1986) and worldwide re-issue "Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation" LP.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Reign in Blood" was not the first Slayer album that I heard. It was "Hell Awaits" actually, but its "Reign in Blood" which amazed me the most. Its among my faves ever since I heard it maybe year after its release. Songs like  the opener "Angel Of Death" and "Altar Of Sacrifice" still send shivers down my spine and pump adrenaline to veins. Total energy bomb! I remember back then we discussed with fellow metal kids its not Thrash Metal, its something else. Few years later I got to know term Death Metal. Today its considered Thrash Metal classic, I have to agree with it 100%. The best Thrash Metal album of all time for me.
On the picture: "Reign in Blood" PicLP (UK-version), "Reign in Blood" LP (1986), "Criminally Insane" 7"EP w/ "Iron Cross" & chain, "Reign in Blood" CD re-issue.

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Guardian of the first deep

Ritual (Bra) (ex-Exhumer, pre-Psychic Possessor)

It was 1988 when Psychic Possessor debut album "Toxin Diffusion" was released. But prior to the recording contract they made two song demo "Zombie Night" under Ritual monicker in 1987. Luckily also those two demo tracks are included on this debut platter of death. Great forgotten gem. And there was ex-Vulcano member also in the band.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Xecutioner (pre-Obituary)

Xecutioner shot during their demo around 1986. Besides the murder tape, also the image was dark in the early days. Cool!
Cheezy baby gore black death metal from 1986.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Needless to say why these are here. On the picture: Morbid Angel "Thy Kingdom Come" bootleg EP (3 tracks, demo 1987), "Thy Kingdom Come" EP (1989, different mix from demo) and Morbid Angel / Slaughter Lord split EP (bootleg from year ?).

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pretty cool old Goatlord live shot. Forever black dwell in hell.

S.O.D. "Speak English or Die" LP (1985)

Back in 1989/90 this album was one of my fave (before I discovered new death bands). I had it as some x-th generation copy on cassette. I only knew it was band named SOD. And it was really awesome stuff. I thought it was some brand new stuff. My surprise was very big when some 3-4 years later I heard this album was from 1985 (!). Wow! Then I saw the album cover and song themes also, before it was only musical madness. I still like this platter a lot and give a spin from time to time trying to re-live the old feeling/mood.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let me stay here by your side
Be one with you my precious child
Let me cover your bed with tears
I will save you from all fears
I burn the candles for your soul
I sing you prayers as the preacher told
I bring you flowers, I dress in black
Though I know this cannot give you back

I sleep by your shadow
Remembering your light
In my heart
I'm with you every night
Far goes your journey
Into the unknown
Wherever you might be
Be well my son [you are my son]
Why just you my flesh and blood
I cannot live nor understand
My dearest treasure to be found
Six feet under in sacred ground
Watch me bleed you lucky ones
I envy you your living sons
I'll give mine the strength of my faithful breath
I will mourn him to my death

Rest in peace
Candlemass 1987

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Again Sodom

Sodom live during "In the Sign Of Evil" times.

Not really metal

Not really metal stuff this time. I remember this old book (from 1863) popped out around 1987 when demolishing an old house and got it from my grandparents. This book was used in hospitals or at funerals and deals with salvation and consolation. There was also another flyer from 1943 between the pages (another funeral procedure sheet with songs and psalms). Sinister stuff, exactly the atmosphere what you get also when listening to "Nightfall" album by Candlemass.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Abhorer and Necrophile

Very raw and crude vinyl offering from 1991. At that time there were Morrisound (Tampa) and Sunlight (Stockholm) sounds reigning in extreme metal world (Grieghallen came some years later). And then some Greek lunatic released Abhorer (Singapore) and Necrophile (Japan) demos on LP. Total death!


Inquisition (Col)

Inquisition "Anxious Death" M-LP: Kreator-like deathrash from 1990 from Colombia. Pretty cool cover.


Legendary Necrovore 1987 demo + un-official PicLP version (split PicLP w/ Sarcofago). 

Eismember (Swe)

Pretty cool looking old shot from Dismember around their 1st demo time (1988/89). The first strike is the deadliest.

Human Waste

Deathhammer from 1991. Suffocation "Human Waste" PicEP. Do not forget to play it on 45 rpm!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Die Hard

It was May 1983 when "Die Hard" single was released. Venom at its best. "Satan, father, help me from this grave, Demons, warriors, ever be my slaves..."

Damnation (Can)

Usually I am not so much into buying multiple copies of same album. It must be something very special then (like "INRI" or "Reign in Blood"  for example). Damnation has been my long time fave and I have failed to track down the original first demo so far (how come its so difficult?). Here are presented all possible pressings of Damnation albums: regular black LP, test press LP, limited splatter LP and CD.

Some Swedeath vol II

On the picture: Merciless demo 1987 on EP, Treblinka "Severe Abomination" EP (1989), Obscurity demo 1986 on EP, Obscurity demo 1987 on EP, Merciless demo 1988 on EP, Sorcery "Rivers of the Dead" EP (1990), Virgin Sin demo 1985 on EP, Morbid "Deathexecution" PicEP (live 1988).

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vomit (Nor)

Also Vomit demos are available on CD-R and LP. Pretty cool stuff.

Excuse the bad translation

"The famous line excuse all the blood, but I have slit my wrists and my throat.
It was my intention to die in the woods, so that  it would take a while before I
eventually would be found. I belong in the woods, I always have. The reason for that,
no one will ever understand anyway. To give a some what explanation, I am not a
human being, this is just a dream and I will soon wake up. It was too cold and the
blood kept coagulating plus my new knife is too dull. If I do not succeed dying by the
knife, I will blow my brain out. I do not know yet. I left all my lyrics by "Let the good
times roll" plus the rest of the money. Whoever finds the shit, gets it. As a last good-
bye, may I present "Life Eternal". Do what you want with the crap.
P.S. I didn´t come up with this now but seventeen years ago."

Necrofago (Bra)

Necrofago demos 1987/88 put officially on vinyl. I remember in late 90s there were rumours about Necrofago "Bestial War" LP existing. Some people even claimed to have one, but it turned out to be joke or misundestanding. Anyway, Bestial War (Bra) and Armmagedon (Bra, w/ ex-Mutilator singer) material should be also released on vinyl as well (officially or not). Would be awesome.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Goatlord (of Hades)

What a nasty RAW black death feast we have here? Goatlord demos from 1987 and 1988. Luckily these are also released on LP. Check them out if you are into Hellhammer and Necrophagia (Ohio) demos. Excellent stuff!

Expulser (Bra)

Another Sarcofago worshipping sonic violence from Brazil around 1990.

Sextrash (Bra)

How many bands looked like that (i.e. Sodom anno 1984) on albums around 1990/91? I can remember Blasphemy only.
Sextrash debut album from 1990 is cool as hell. Even more great were they during their demo days and when they were still called Insulter around 1987. Total Sarcofago brother band. I have heard that old Insulter material will be released on vinyl soon (after Necrobutcher (Bra) release). Expect some real demented stuff   :)
Pretty cool modern death metal (I started to think why death metal? Extreme metal would suit better) release "The Lynch-Lawyers" (2005) from Horricane. Good and fat sound, wicked and evil synths and vokills. Do not expect goat fucking nor drinking of vomit here. Honest quality stuff.

Sons Of Satan (Ger)

Yes, another one...from Germany. This Sons Of Satan demo 1985 had Gezol from Sabbat (Japan) on vokills. Well, actually not but it sounds like that anyway. Imagine 80s Sabbat vocals mixed with noise created hitting expensive equipment only.
Digging in the basement I found this paper from 1995. This is how the process was (in pre-internet days). Someone got catalogue from abroad via snail mail. Then it took time when you had a chance to see it finally. Then you noticed cool items there. Then you waited for the pay day. Then you sent cash in registered letter (hoping they still got your desired items in stock). So the whole process from printing the catalogue by record label to send out your order was easily 2 months. Nowadays some stuff sells out in pre-order withing couple of days or hours.