Thursday, May 24, 2012

Carcass (UK)

Mandatory Death Metal classics from Carcass: "Reek Of Putrefaction" (1988) and "Symphonies of Sickness" (1989) albums. Exhume and consume!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No, its not the original drawing by Thorncross. Its replica (A2) done by me sometime in 1993 or so. Possessed.

Exterminator (Bra)

More primitive stuff while we are on the mood... Brazilian Exterminator only album from 1987 is one pretender to the worst sounding Metal album (yeah nowadays they do such bad low-fi things on purpose). This is so bad that its actually good. And what was the obsession with Nazi themes with Brazilian (and Japanese) bands? Shock effect probably.
Exterminator review from 1987.

Mutilator (Bra)

Oh, I can not praise enough Brazilian Mutilator demo days around 1985/86. What a great stuff. Especially great are the barkings of singer Silvio SDN. Unfortunately the singer left the band (made a new group Armmagedon) and Mutilator took change to more boring Thrash Metal style. So their debut "Immortal Force" (1987) looks cool with embossed cover but is boring to listen to.
On this CD we have: "Grave Desecration" demo 1985, Live 16/8/86, Live 20/9/86 and 29/9/86. "Warfare Noise" compilation LP tracks are missing

Nekromantie (Col)

Slightly more listenable and enjoyable deathnoise (compared to Mortuorio) from Colombia. I think Nekromantie was around circa 1986/87 and out of their ashes rose Parabellum and Blasfemia, correct? Some years ago their early recordings were gathered under the name "Resurreccion Maldita" and released on tape and CD (more tracks on CD).

Edit August 2012: Damn I am confused with those Colombian bands. Recently I saw Parabellum feature in an old punk fanzine from 1986. And Parabellum did live show in 1985 so all these bands must have existed parallel or what?

Mortuorio (Peru)

Deathnoise from Peru. Mortuorio "Camara De Torturas" demo 1989 is really a torture chamber to the bone. Takes guts to listen to, the sun will hide behind the clouds when this anti-music vibes come out of speakers of my stereo.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Feeding On Angels" by Soulburn

Holy hell its heavy here on this album. This is a MUST for every thrash/death/extreme metal worshipper. I really dig those Van Drunen-like vocals, my throat gets sore hearing this. This album should be still quite easy to obtain. You have got command now.

(Un)funny story

Here is one (un)funny true story that happened to me some years ago. So it was Autumn 2006 in Helsinki (Finland). Slayer was about to play in couple of hours. I was chilling outside the concert hall and for some reason one drunk Finnish metal head started conversation with me (the foreigner). So we spoke about Slayer and stuff and then later we came to Beherit (well he was not Black Metal warrior, instead more like 35+ years ordinary thrasher, so he had to remember Beherit I thought (remember in November 2006 there was NO talk about Beherit re-union yet)). So yeah we spoke about Beherit and all of sudden my phone called. I checked its unknown number and answered it. After speaking with mobile I asked from him, guess who called. It was Beherit drummer that just called. I bet he did not believe me in the first place. In some minutes Sodomatic Slaughter arrived there...
Yeah, such (un)funny story. What makes it even more (un)funny that Sodomatic had gotten my mobile number from my pal (not from me, although I had met him and Holocausto couple of months earlier in my hometown). So it was cool surprise at this Slayer gig in Helsinki 2006.

Compilation of death

Some cool speed/thrash/death/black metal compilation albums:
-"Speed Metal Hell" (1985) LP
Artillery, At War, Whiplash, Medieval, Savage Grace, Executioner (not THAT one) and more.

-"Speed Metal Hell II" (1986) LP
At War, Aggression, Samhain (Den), Deathrash, Post Mortem, Flotsam & Jetsam, Mayhem, Savage Thrust, Wargod, Anvil Bitch and more.

-"Warfare Noise" (1986) LP
Early recordings of Sarcofago, Mutilator, Holocausto and Chakal. What a vicious slab of plastic!

-"Warfare Noise II" (1988) LP
Again some Brazilian underground bands: Aamon Hammer, Mayhem, Megathrash and Witch Hammer.

-"Satan´s Revenge II" (1988) LP
On this platter we find the very first Morbid Angel vinyl appearance. Also the mighty Necrovore is presented here with 1 track. Other interesting acts for thrashers are The Unsane, Darkness (Ger), Vacant Grave and Ripping Corpse.
"A number of acts which appear on this record (make it: on this blog) are actively involved in the study and practice of magick. Many of the groups, however, simply enjoy writing songs about occult themes."

-"Speed Kills - The Very Best in Speed Metal" (1985) LP
Hallows Eve, Exodus, Destruction, Bulldozer, Metallica, Slayer, Possessed, Exciter, Venom, Voi Vod, Megadeth and Celtic Frost.

-"Speed Kills II- The Mayhem Continues" (1986) LP
Agent Steel, Razor, Bathory, Helloween, Living Death, Sodom, Whiplash, Iron Angel, Destructor, Onslaught, Brainfever and Anthrax.

-"Thrash Metal Attack" (1986) LP
Hellwitch, Samhain (Den), Necrophagia (Ohio), Necropolis (ex-Decapitation), Blood Feast, Post Mortem, Wargod, Aggression, Anvil Bitch and some more.

-"Metal Forces Demolition: Scream Your Brains Out" (1987) LP
New thrash hopefuls from around the globe: Leviathan (USA, with Cannibal Corpse guys playing violent deathrash a la Kreator), Hobb´s Angel Of Death, Atrophy, Aftermath and Anacrusis.

-"Headthrashers: Live" (1989) LP
Typical Brazilian bands from 80s: MX, Blasphemer, Necromancia and Cova.

-"The Lost Tapes Of Cogumelo" (1990) LP
Demo tracks of Sepultura, Sarcofago, Holocausto, Mutilator, Chakal and Overdose.

-"The Wine Of Satan" (1992) LP
At that time unreleased tracks from Beherit, Corpse Molestation, Pandemonium, Master´s Hammer, The Black, Crucifier, Perdition Hearse and Mortuary Drape.

-"No Futuro" (1990) LP
An obscure compilation from Colombia. Side A is with punk bands, side B is with metal bands like Blasfemia, Profanacion, Agresor, Dexconcierto, Mierda and Ekrion. It was soundtrack album for the movie "No Futuro" (about extreme music scene in Medellin Colombia).

-"Metal Inferno" (1985) LP
This must be the first Black Metal compilation. Featured bands are: Venom, Witchfinder General, Crucifixion, Cloven Hoof, Demon, Blood, Angel Witch, (Black) Widow.

-"Diminished Responsibility" (1987) LP
Unseen Terror, Antichrist, Heresy and more.

-"Britannia Infernus" (2005) D-CD
Especially disc 1 is very interesting with ancient English occult/black/death bands like Black Widow, Venom, Warhammer, Hell, Antichrist, Angel Witch, Pagan Altar, Widow, Witchfynde, Satan, Cloven Hoof, Onslaught, Sabbat, Atomic Rooster and of course Black Sabbath.

-"Raging Death" (1987) LP
Xecutioner (pre-Obituary), R.A.V.A.G.E. (pre-Atheist), Sadus, Lethal Presence and Betrayal demo tracks on vinyl.

-"Witchhunt Records: Annihilation Of Antichrist" (1992) LP
Master´s Hammer (with the paint on!), Rotting Christ, Disgrace, Sentenced, Exulceration, Agathocles, Monastery and Frayeurs.

-"Triumph Of Death" (1992) CD
Acheron, Samael (live), Beherit, Carcass (live), Death Yell, Mortuary.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Also Nirvana `91 album was well appreciated during the release time. I still have not got it officially on CD or LP yet.

Genocidio (Bra)

Genocidio and their ultrabrutal "The Grave" M-LP (1988) + PicLP version + band picture from 1989. I love stuff like that.

Flames on the list

Keepers of the flame:
- Me
- YK (USA)
- Peter (Germany)
- Dennis (Germany)
- Dan (Sweden)
- One guy from Hungary
- Solstafir guy (Iceland)

Enslaved "Hordanes Land"

What a great mini album by Norwegian Enslaved. This one brings back memories from Summer 1993 (along with "Under A Funeral Moon"). When "Vikinligr Veldi" was released in Spring 1994 I was very dissapointed in it and I kind of turned back to the band . I just thought that they never top "Hordanes Land" (those sick vokills). It seems this particular copy of the album was sent to Mr. Mutilator from Earl Grutle.
The back cover was also very magical and added mysticism to the band. Especially the guy in the middle.
Again Mr. Angelripper in September 1984.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Witchfinder General

Blasphemy (Can)

I discovered Blasphemy in 1991 (via tapetrading). I really liked their fast noise. Even more I liked them when I saw their pictures and understood what they had to say a year later (I think I still have the xeroxed album cover from 1992). They are one of my faves ever since! On the top of that I had a chance to speak few words with their singer in Helsinki in 2009. Pretty cool.
On the picture: "Fallen Angel Of Doom" LP (1990), "Fallen Angel Of Doom" re-issue LP/PicLP (2 different sets: PicLP + colored LP). "Blood Upon the Altar" demo (1989).

On the picture: "Blood Upon the Altar" PicLP (demo 1989) and "Gods Of War" PicLP re-issue.

Dark Angel (USA)

On the picture: "We Have Arrived" shaped PicEP (1985), "We Have Arrived" PicLP (1984) (I just love this cover with witches - sick), "Darkness Descends" LP (1986) (Thrash hammer).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Japanese Sabbat in July 1985.

Sabbat during "Devil`s Sperm is Cold" EP 1989.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

7" attack Vol IV

On the picture: Nocturnus "Science Of Horror" EP (bootleg), Sathanas "Ripping Evil" EP (demo 1988), Acheron (USA) "Messe Noir" EP (live 1989), Incantation "Entrantment Of Evil" EP (1991), Nunslaughter "Ritual Of Darkness" EP (demo 1987), Nunslaughter "The Rotting Christ" EP (demo 1989), Dead (USA) EP 1989, Atrocity (USA) "Hatred Birth" EP (1989).

What makes you think I am a Venom fan?

Pictures taken July 2007

The Final Command

Very cool looking Slayer live LP dating back to November 9th, 1984. Yeah, the PicLP version is rarer to get but ordinary album cover is better in this case, me thinks.
Pardon, but in 1987 I had not taken any course how to draw a pentagram!

Violent Death (Bra)

Does anybody know about Violent Death from Brazil (anno 1987)? What they sounded like? Typical Brazilian deathcore? Any info appreciated!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Total waste of paper

Note David and Trey both wearing Bestial War (Bra) T-shirt. Nice!

Mutilator (Bra) demos rule supreme over dissapointing debut album "Immortal Force". Its not the same band any more!

Amon / Deicide 1987-91

I think every teenager extreme metal fan found Deicide very interesting anno 1990/91. They were called like "Reign in Blood" of 90`s during the debut album time (1990). They were from Florida - the death metal centre (it was compliment at that time (which changed unfortunately very soon)). For some reason I liked American bands more than European bands at that time (Deicide, Atheist, Morbid Angel, Obituary versus Pestilence, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower etc). But every month was very important back then. It was like a chase - who does it first and worst (in a good way).
Deicide had a lot of components that made them appealing to me - fast, ripping and catchy music (I really liked the juicy sound and drumming), damn great vocals (which were untypical at that time, sometimes sounding like a demon) and finally visually great band photos. Later also their satanic themes caught my attention and when I started to understand little bit English I started to translate the lyrics (I think "Deicide" and "Altars Of Madness" were the first ones. And I remember there were no such words in dictionary like Blaspherereion and Crucifixation).
Finally - for me Deicide has always been Black Metal band, even if metal press in the beginning of 90s called them (Satanic) Death Metal. Death Metal was hot cake back then and many uneducated (without the understanding) journalists labeled them Death Metal because they just did not undersatnd the difference and maybe it all sounded the same for them. I have seen Amon (pre-Deicide) interview where Glen Benton called themselves also Black Metal (around 1988/89).
Needless to say that "Deicide" was the very first LP that I had a chance to buy (Spring 1992) (At that time it was a BIG thing, you just had to know the right people to get stuff like that). My first ever CD purchase was "Amon: Feasting the Beast" in March 1993 (I remember it well, even if I did not have CD player, I recorded it onto my tape and listened from there). Side note: my first official band shirt was also "Deicide" in Spring 1992. So it seems Dee-uh-side was quite important band to me.
Listening to the debut album right now, hell I even remember the lyrics and can sing along.
What a great back cover shot "Deicide" album had. I wonder what cemetary it is? Yeah probably somewhere in Florida but I want details.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Death was good for you...

An early Death bootleg (released ca 1990) featuring old demos "Mutilation", "Infernal Death" and "Reign of Terror". Pretty cool cover as well, unfortunately bootleggers did not have old Death logo and band picture, would have looked even more killer.

Some more early essential Death bootlegs. On the left: "Reign of Terror" EP (demo II 1984) and on the right: "Death was good for you..." EP ("Infernal Death" demo 1985 + live tracks from 30.12.1984). These EPs were also released around 1991 when Death Metal started to be safe to remind how Death Metal should be played! Truely great stuff!

Some more Death and Mantas bootlegs released in 00´s:

"Metal Before Death" EP has rehearsals from February and September 1984. "Emotional" is also rehearsal from 1984 (with unknown bass player Dave Tett).