Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(Un)funny story

Here is one (un)funny true story that happened to me some years ago. So it was Autumn 2006 in Helsinki (Finland). Slayer was about to play in couple of hours. I was chilling outside the concert hall and for some reason one drunk Finnish metal head started conversation with me (the foreigner). So we spoke about Slayer and stuff and then later we came to Beherit (well he was not Black Metal warrior, instead more like 35+ years ordinary thrasher, so he had to remember Beherit I thought (remember in November 2006 there was NO talk about Beherit re-union yet)). So yeah we spoke about Beherit and all of sudden my phone called. I checked its unknown number and answered it. After speaking with mobile I asked from him, guess who called. It was Beherit drummer that just called. I bet he did not believe me in the first place. In some minutes Sodomatic Slaughter arrived there...
Yeah, such (un)funny story. What makes it even more (un)funny that Sodomatic had gotten my mobile number from my pal (not from me, although I had met him and Holocausto couple of months earlier in my hometown). So it was cool surprise at this Slayer gig in Helsinki 2006.

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