Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Compilation of death

Some cool speed/thrash/death/black metal compilation albums:
-"Speed Metal Hell" (1985) LP
Artillery, At War, Whiplash, Medieval, Savage Grace, Executioner (not THAT one) and more.

-"Speed Metal Hell II" (1986) LP
At War, Aggression, Samhain (Den), Deathrash, Post Mortem, Flotsam & Jetsam, Mayhem, Savage Thrust, Wargod, Anvil Bitch and more.

-"Warfare Noise" (1986) LP
Early recordings of Sarcofago, Mutilator, Holocausto and Chakal. What a vicious slab of plastic!

-"Warfare Noise II" (1988) LP
Again some Brazilian underground bands: Aamon Hammer, Mayhem, Megathrash and Witch Hammer.

-"Satan´s Revenge II" (1988) LP
On this platter we find the very first Morbid Angel vinyl appearance. Also the mighty Necrovore is presented here with 1 track. Other interesting acts for thrashers are The Unsane, Darkness (Ger), Vacant Grave and Ripping Corpse.
"A number of acts which appear on this record (make it: on this blog) are actively involved in the study and practice of magick. Many of the groups, however, simply enjoy writing songs about occult themes."

-"Speed Kills - The Very Best in Speed Metal" (1985) LP
Hallows Eve, Exodus, Destruction, Bulldozer, Metallica, Slayer, Possessed, Exciter, Venom, Voi Vod, Megadeth and Celtic Frost.

-"Speed Kills II- The Mayhem Continues" (1986) LP
Agent Steel, Razor, Bathory, Helloween, Living Death, Sodom, Whiplash, Iron Angel, Destructor, Onslaught, Brainfever and Anthrax.

-"Thrash Metal Attack" (1986) LP
Hellwitch, Samhain (Den), Necrophagia (Ohio), Necropolis (ex-Decapitation), Blood Feast, Post Mortem, Wargod, Aggression, Anvil Bitch and some more.

-"Metal Forces Demolition: Scream Your Brains Out" (1987) LP
New thrash hopefuls from around the globe: Leviathan (USA, with Cannibal Corpse guys playing violent deathrash a la Kreator), Hobb´s Angel Of Death, Atrophy, Aftermath and Anacrusis.

-"Headthrashers: Live" (1989) LP
Typical Brazilian bands from 80s: MX, Blasphemer, Necromancia and Cova.

-"The Lost Tapes Of Cogumelo" (1990) LP
Demo tracks of Sepultura, Sarcofago, Holocausto, Mutilator, Chakal and Overdose.

-"The Wine Of Satan" (1992) LP
At that time unreleased tracks from Beherit, Corpse Molestation, Pandemonium, Master´s Hammer, The Black, Crucifier, Perdition Hearse and Mortuary Drape.

-"No Futuro" (1990) LP
An obscure compilation from Colombia. Side A is with punk bands, side B is with metal bands like Blasfemia, Profanacion, Agresor, Dexconcierto, Mierda and Ekrion. It was soundtrack album for the movie "No Futuro" (about extreme music scene in Medellin Colombia).

-"Metal Inferno" (1985) LP
This must be the first Black Metal compilation. Featured bands are: Venom, Witchfinder General, Crucifixion, Cloven Hoof, Demon, Blood, Angel Witch, (Black) Widow.

-"Diminished Responsibility" (1987) LP
Unseen Terror, Antichrist, Heresy and more.

-"Britannia Infernus" (2005) D-CD
Especially disc 1 is very interesting with ancient English occult/black/death bands like Black Widow, Venom, Warhammer, Hell, Antichrist, Angel Witch, Pagan Altar, Widow, Witchfynde, Satan, Cloven Hoof, Onslaught, Sabbat, Atomic Rooster and of course Black Sabbath.

-"Raging Death" (1987) LP
Xecutioner (pre-Obituary), R.A.V.A.G.E. (pre-Atheist), Sadus, Lethal Presence and Betrayal demo tracks on vinyl.

-"Witchhunt Records: Annihilation Of Antichrist" (1992) LP
Master´s Hammer (with the paint on!), Rotting Christ, Disgrace, Sentenced, Exulceration, Agathocles, Monastery and Frayeurs.

-"Triumph Of Death" (1992) CD
Acheron, Samael (live), Beherit, Carcass (live), Death Yell, Mortuary.


  1. so many good stuff right there O__O

  2. Are you interested on selling some of them? How much for the Warfare Noise I and II, and The Lost Tapes of Cogumelo albums?

  3. Are you interested on selling some of this albums? If so, how much for the "Warfare Noise" I and II, and "The Lost Tapes of Cogumelo" compilations? Thank you.

    1. No, I do not plan to sell them. They belong to my fave stuff.... Sarcofago anno 1986, Sepultura anno 1985 and Mutilator 1985/86... this is one of the best black/death/thrash metal stuff!