Friday, May 4, 2012

"Promo Vol I" by Hellion Records

It was in year 2000 when I got this nice promotional CD from Hellion Records. I was surprised by the content of this compilation. Some new Power and Heavy Metal bands - not bad at all. My usual playlist consisted only black/death and thrash metal (the sickest and the most violent stuff) at that time but I really started to enjoy this CD too. Maybe its because of my background (it all started with Heavy and Speed Metal) that I re-invented in a way. My faves from this compilation are: Lordian Guard "Invaders" (Absolute fave! But is this White Metal?), Heir Apparent "Questions", Doomsword "Warbringers", Skylark "Welcome", Eddie Antonini "Fear of the Moon" and more... basically all stuff is good. Easy listening and makes your mood good.
Now the next step is to find the longplayers from some of those acts.

There was also Promo Vol II that came out later but this did not impress me so much (the shock effect was long gone so to say).

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