Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 1995:
"Thanks for your order, here is my last copy of Morbid/Mayhem split LP, hope you like it! Sound quality is not 100%, but who cares!
Real soon I receive (I hope it) Mayhem live at Sarpsborg LP!! It´s the ultimate last live LP from Mayhem, the cover is very weird, it`s a photo from Dead´s suicide, you see him on his bed a few minutes after his suicide!!! If you are interested in a copy write me coz I do not know the price now. I have a lot of trouble with customs here with this LP. You see, normally cost this LP 22 US dollar! Sorry for this expensive price pal, but only 500 copy´s are pressed! So write me if you are interested in 1 copy! Anyway write fast coz I have only 30 copys, ok! If you do not have the money I can keep you 1 Mayhem live LP, no problem at all, but write me fast ok..."

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