Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nekromantie (Col)

Slightly more listenable and enjoyable deathnoise (compared to Mortuorio) from Colombia. I think Nekromantie was around circa 1986/87 and out of their ashes rose Parabellum and Blasfemia, correct? Some years ago their early recordings were gathered under the name "Resurreccion Maldita" and released on tape and CD (more tracks on CD).

Edit August 2012: Damn I am confused with those Colombian bands. Recently I saw Parabellum feature in an old punk fanzine from 1986. And Parabellum did live show in 1985 so all these bands must have existed parallel or what?

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  1. the first band extreme metal of columbia is Parabellum, continued Reencarnacion, Nekromantie, Profanacion and Sacrilegio, were the initiators of Metal Medallo or Ultra Metal!
    Of Parabellum was formed Blasfemia.