Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7" attack Vol III

On the picture: Decapitation (USA) "Bodily dismemberment" EP (demo 1985), Hellhouse (Hellish Torment) EP (demo 1986), Occult / Agathocles (USA/Bel) EP (1985 recordings, Occult "Bloodthirsty" demo), Nunslaughter (USA) "Ritual Of Darkness" EP (demo 1987), Insanity (USA) EP (demo 1985), Dr. Shrinker / Nunslaughter (USA) SplitEP, Dementia (Can) PicEP (1987/88 recordings), Nunslaughter (USA) PicEP (Rehearsal 1987). Pretty wild stuff here, don`t you agree?

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  1. nunslaughter :D sure is some wild stuff