Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blasphemy (Can)

I discovered Blasphemy in 1991 (via tapetrading). I really liked their fast noise. Even more I liked them when I saw their pictures and understood what they had to say a year later (I think I still have the xeroxed album cover from 1992). They are one of my faves ever since! On the top of that I had a chance to speak few words with their singer in Helsinki in 2009. Pretty cool.
On the picture: "Fallen Angel Of Doom" LP (1990), "Fallen Angel Of Doom" re-issue LP/PicLP (2 different sets: PicLP + colored LP). "Blood Upon the Altar" demo (1989).

On the picture: "Blood Upon the Altar" PicLP (demo 1989) and "Gods Of War" PicLP re-issue.

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