Monday, April 1, 2013

Godly black death fanzine

Wow...what a killer printed fanzine from the end of 80`s... late 1988 to be exact: Necrosemen #0. What a maniac black death lunatic the editor must have been. Interviews and articles made in 1987/88. Check the line-up. Interviews & photos with bands like Morbid Angel, Sarcofago, Pentagram (Chi), Necrovore, Xecutioner, Amon (Florida), Necrofago, Grotesque, Insulter, Mayhem (with the new sick vocalist "Dead"), Black Prophecies, Reencarnacion, Slaughter Lord, Deathchamber, Parabellum (Col), Genocidio, Incubus (Florida), Treblinka (Swe), Darkness (L.A.), Majesty, Acheron, Dr. Shrinker, Samael, Evoked Doom, Damnation (Can), Grotesque, Azagthoth (UK), Deathfuck (Nor), Necrophagia (Ohio), Devastation (Illinoise), Sathanas, Ritual (Bra), Doom Snake Cult, Outrage (Ger), Tormentor (Hun), Salem (Isr), R.A.V.A.G.E. and Goatlord.
Articles with logos and pictures from bands like Bestial War, Wind Of Mayhem, Nomenclature Diablerie, Necrodeath, Morbid, Mortuary Drape, Sodom, Malfeitor, Dead Conspiracy, Occult (USA), Decapitation (USA), Mutilator (Bra), Imperator (Pol), Sabbat (Japan), Beleth, Deathpeed, Unholy Sickness, Black Shepherd, Root,  Sacrifice (Japan), Astaroth (Col), Blasfemia, Profanacion (Col), Masters Hammer, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Mortuary (USA), Death SS, Sadistik Exekution and Mefisto. Plus: Quorthon / Venom 1982 and Wham /Bros poster. I am speechless. This is where Slayer mag must have gotten their inspiration from.


  1. Hey maniac, you interested in changing Necrosemen zine by Headbanger zine (1988) from Peru - South America. A sick magazine!!
    attached pictures for further reference...
    Front cover: ( )

    Letters 80´s of Euronymous (Mayhem) talking about Headbanger Magazine: ( )++

    You write to:


  2. Headbanger zine surely looks damn interesting! But the thing is that I posted this Necrosemen zine review on April 1st, so... it should not be taken very seriously ;)