Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deathrash Mayhem

Top picks of the fast and the furious (deathrash = speed, aggression and energy):

Sadus (Kill Team) "Illusions"
Demolition Hammer "Tortured Existence"
Exhorder "Slaughter in the Vatican" (listening at this very moment)
Merciless "The Awakening" + demos
Massacra "Final Holocaust" & "Enjoy the Violence"
Kreator "Pleasure to Kill" + "After the Attack" track
Slaughter Lord  "Taste of Blood"
Malfeitor "Diabolical Youth"
MX "Simoniacal"
Exumer "Possessed By Fire"
Slayer "Reign in Blood" (the corner stone for all these recordings?)

Edit: How about "Darkness Descends"? How come it`s been forgotten? Dementia?

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