Sunday, October 27, 2013

Did you know that Bathory rehearsed for the first time in 16th of March 1983? (Brain Damage #2)

Outtake from the very first Bathory photo session.


  1. Viking Bathory is nothing compared to the first 3 albums..(yeah,i hate viking Bathory haha and love the true Bathory)

  2. Well, I would say I prefer also 4 first Bathory albums, but Hammerheart and Twilight... have also some immortal anthems.... just listen to "Father to Son", "Home of Once Brave", "Shores in Flames", "Song to all up high", "Through Blood By Thunder".... even some later stuff like "Woodwoman" are cool tracks... Its different from early black/death stuff but still VERY good!

    1. I remember i heard Hammerheart and i really didn't like haha i thought it was too melodic..same with some other viking albums i heard...then i gave up from the bathory viking era.