Thursday, January 29, 2015

No, its not my trade list. I just wonder what are those Mayhem tracks from Dead period.
(those mysterious columns are: number of tracks, length of recording and finally quality of the recording (10 for LP/CD)).


  1. you may be interested:
    Rehearsal With Euronymous,1988
    Live In Furheim,Germany, 1989
    Live In Zeitz,Germany, 1990
    Rehearsal 1990
    Live In Jessheim,Norway,1990
    Live Izmir,Turkey,1990
    Live Gleidorf,Germany,1990
    Live Damacus,Syria,1990
    Live for Slayer Magazine 'Sarpsborg,Norway, 1991
    Last Reheasal With Dead,04/1991

  2. Cool imaginary gigs listed there....