Sunday, September 28, 2014

Black Metal 1987

Preacher "Trapped in Hell"
-Excruciating Pain
-Blood Angel
-Trapped in Hell
-Cry of the Demon
-Sacrifice the Whore

Torture "Terror Kingdom"
-Into the Darkness
-Whips of the Antichrist
-Power Metal
-Terror Kingdom

1 comment:

  1. 80's black metal was something special, i like too much first nunslaughter demo, first protector demo, first necrophobic demo from 1990, that kind of brutal death/thrash riffs with a total dark feeling. i dont know if you know it, but i recommend you infernal curse from argentina, they are the best black metal band from last years, their full lenght from 2012 are total 80's death/thrash/black metal inspired, their last ep from this year is more war metal inspited, but with a total dark feeling, very dark.

    i always buy cds when i can. but i never bought vinyls yet. i have in my collection sign of doom from grave desecrator, scarlet slaughterer from magnus, in the glare of burning churches from graveland, immortal force from mutilator, fouth reich from katharsis, i think all of these albuns give the black metal feeling, even mutilator from my country, is very hateful death/thrash metal, with some kind of evil feeling.